Age and Beauty

Age and Beauty

Her beauty was that of a princess
in a fairy tale with a body
that was as perfect
as a bottle of one hundred
year-old wine,
He was a Poet that wrote of
a woman just like her
in his epic love Poems
all of the time,
she was the timeless beauty
who had the essence of
Marilyn Monroe
he was wanting to create
a new poem on her
on a blanket under a full moon
on some hot midsummer night
two hearts lost that were
beating as one just trying
to find their way home,
but alas time
was not on his side yet
she had all the time in the world
she was just starting her life
and he was halfway through his
they were only friends though
he wanted much more
He was the age when he wrote
of love from the
beginning of time
she was all the
beauty that he dreamed
of in his masterpieces
he would write
whenever she was
around she never
even had to make a sound
the poetry that
he wrote in his head
where simply amazing and
the ones that he
wrote for the world to see
absolutely lovely as could be
she was just as wild
as a northern wind in a perfect
storm with a wild soul that
wanted so much more
he lived a hundred lives in
his dreams that would
play in his mind with her
she knew too and was
so amazed with his
words that he wrote for her
one day she will know
that she was his Juliette his
Monroe his secret love that
she would never know
her beauty never
faded for him just
like all of his feelings
that saturated his mind with
the thoughts of
her his heart that was
always hers from the start
his soul that would
forever feel young because
one day on a hot midsummer
night age and beauty
finally came together to
write a final masterpiece
of love that only they knew
the words to that would
forever be etched in time
they wrote a Classic piece
of poetic art together
that will last always and forever
as age and beauty
came together as friends
and lovers In every love
poem that was ever written of all time

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey


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