Love is really more

Love is really more

Love is really so much more than
what can be explained by just a four
letter word it is an encompassing
emotion a feeling of total completion
whereas two people who were at
one time complete strangers meet
then come together (no pun intended)
in heated passion to feel as if they
are only one, and from what I hear
and have seen (porno on TV) and
felt it is no doubt. The problem is I
have found that most people nowadays
have no idea at all what love truly is
since love takes time to grow it is not
a quick twenty-minute jump in the sack
and fall in love sorta thing or a hey
how much money do you make, a girl
needs to be taken care of in an if you ain't
got no money then you ain't got nobody
mine or anyone else kinda a thing,
then on top of that going through bad
relationships, breakups, and then
divorces, that cost ninety-nine dollar,
and a bonus hey I am divorced lets
party and I now know what I have
earned from all of the things I have
seen is now I hate to love, because
the pain of love leaving is unbearable
as it feels as if your heart begins to
break and the more it breaks the more
excruciatingly painful it becomes even
more unbearable and no matter how
many times you pick up all the pieces
you will never find them all, until one day
there are not enough pieces to care
anymore. Then you need to find some
one who knows maybe her name is nobody's
damn business or some other random
name but whoever she is hoping she
has a lot of patience and big breast ignore
that later any size will do but the important
thing is that she can teach you how to
love again.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey


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