My take on Christianity, religion, and spirituality that nobody wants you to see.

My take on Christianity, religion, and spirituality that nobody wants you to see.

Dancing with the so-called devil
Is sometimes something in my life
that I have for one reason or
another done well and really quite
easily all the while already knowing
that even at the end of the paths
that I have traveled on when it is
time for me leave this world and this
body that I now occupy fades away
into nothing but dust my soul is
heaven bound for sure, while I do
live my life to the best of my ability
life ain't worth living if you're not trying
everything that I possibly know I
can, so taking a few or more rides
down to the wild side of town for
my own pleasure or curiosity is my
right as a human being for it is very
true that everyone needs to let their
demons win every now and then.
We down here are no angels at all
for they live up in heaven above by
any rights or means stuck on a rock
with nowhere to go we all need to blow
off some much needed steam to
take the pressure off or we would
all go what they say is postal but
more of reality is like going insane
and crazy killing everything that
moves type of spree, that means
everyone everywhere at any given
time not just those few out there
that is a matter of fact just plain
nuts who we have already seen, there
are no wings sprouting upon my
back to lift me up to fly places
that I have not already been for I
believe if there where I really would
have more trouble then I would
ever need following me around
the world causing hell and raising
Cain as I am experiencing while
experimenting all and everything.
On my back across my wings a
tattoo would read I love sex, drugs,
and rock roll so that is why I live
the life that I lead while collecting
gas, grass, and even ass for nobody
rides for free, besides that, is why
man built his churches so that once
a week after you give your hard
earned money away to them of
course, oh sorry tithing is what I
really meant to say giving fifty
hail Mary's or asking He who lives
above in glory for your forgiveness
like magic, all of your sins are gone
washed way so your soul will be set
free but in fact more of a reality
we all know that if you read all of
the fine print, it really means you
and your soul is free and clear to
party more and cause what for all
into next week because even if it
is illegal it does not make it sin and
this little piece of poetry is a social
reminder brought to you by my ink
that spills especially drinking beers
and me the host of the new show "My
take on Christianity, religion, and
spiritually that nobody wants you to
read or see ."

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey


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