Set the world on fire

Set the world on fire 

Way back when I was still in school around the age 
of about oh let's just say it was a long time ago when 
I was a lot younger then I am today, back when I still 
believed in real true love, truth, justice, and even the 
American way, when nothing but love and a childish 
innocence was all that I had along with quite possibly 
a slightly skewed sense of what was right and what 
was wrong. I was only just a young man who happened 
to believe still in what freedom is supposed to be and 
the American flag, even the office of the President no 
matter who at the time was filling it, I guess maybe 
looking back I was what they called a dreamer always 
believing I could for some reason or another make 
things a little better but I know now back then my head 
was stuck somewhere up in the clouds as it was filled 
full up with unrealistic expectations of who or what I 
would be when I grew up. but I know now all of those 
thoughts were really more like delusions of grandeur, 
just a child make believing, I wanted so much to change 
the world for you and I that I could stand on a pulpit 
delivering my sermon like a minister in church on a 
Sunday morning talking about fire and brimstone I 
thought that if I could somehow in some way make 
people listen to what I had to say or to read what I had 
written down that I would have a chance to set this 
world on fire by leaving, my mark on humankind as I 
was setting that bar just a little bit higher for my very 
own children or the next generation to grasp on to so 
that they could continue to make this world a far better 
off place then we found it, to try to make a difference 
in the status quo so to say, to somehow in some way 
heal a little bit of this broken world and add back some 
humanity to it instead of trying to always destroy it. 

But how quickly did I see that all of those dreams were 
only just that, they were only my hopes and dreams, for 
what I found was this world that we all live in together is 
dying a little bit more every day and through all of the 
hate and violence that we as a people have accrued 
through all of the wars that still rage on in every type of 
way, through all of the murders and the rapes, along with
families dying in the streets and all of the homeless 
without homes, the hungry with no drinks, babies dying 
before they are born, addicts on every street, children 
without parents and demons that we keep locked away, 
always trying to escape and now pandemics that fill the 
air as a broken world mourns its dead, so tell me what is 
left? As life now it seems has been pushed to its very edge, 
it is up against the ropes while taking its last breath, God 
cannot be found and Jesus just like Elvis has already left, 
we are showing empty on the dash and hope is looking 
as if it will not last and our strength is fading fast, the 
white flag is up and it seems we have all but given up, so 
I ask again, what is left? 

How about believing that we all must in order to survive 
begin to believe in believing once again believe in the greater 
good believe in truth and justice. Believe in God and Jesus 
Christ. Believe in yourself and eternal life. Believe in love and 
heaven above. Believe in shooting stars and wishing wells. 
Believe once upon a times and fairy tales. Believe in sunny 
days and happy times. Believe in the first snowfall and the
beautiful sound of newborn babies cries. Believe in mother 
earth and father time. Believe in yourself and your heart and 
soul then believe in you and I and believe we will all one day 
hopefully sooner than later come together as one race all 
citizens of Earth and get it right. 

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poets Journey


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