We must find peace

We must find peace

Finding peace in this world or even 
within ourselves is not just words 
to be said out loud just for the sake 
of it to be heard coming from out
of our lips and mouth, No, for it is something 
that we, meaning you and me together
must make come true, so I truly do
believe whether you are writing for 
peace maybe even sing a song about 
it or even sit at home and pray for 
peace, we must all come together
to do whatever It is you can do. 

We must stop all of the murder, 
We must stop all the rape, 
We must stop all the wars, 
We must stop all the hate, 
We must stop all of the, violence 
We must stop all the ignorance
We must stop all the greed

let's stop what we are doing step back
give this earth time to breathe. it is 
time to believe give peace a chance
to begin for if we do not stop killing
each other this world will more than 
likely come to an end sooner then later. Peace is a 
process and that will take time because 
we must all first find peace from within 
ourselves deep down inside. We
must start to teach only of patience, 
understanding, and love It really should 
not be that very hard to decide for
our children deserve so much more 
than hiding out inside to play for the
ridiculous fear of being taken, beaten, 
or even bullied all because of their
race, color, or religion even what they 
do, or might say.

Peace is what we must all believe in.

Peace is how we will all be saved.

Peace is what we all should be talking about.

Peace is the only way 

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey
A Texas Poet Laureate Nominee 2016-2020


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