Blue, I love you too

Blue, I love you too

I got an email from someone I used to know 
today at least I believed I did, it was more for
a phone meaning she was still alive and I 
became a little blue, it made be start to cry 
and as the tears fell down my cheek then 
splashed down upon the ground causing me
to begin to think how long it has been since 
we talked but it just did not come back to me
in fact the only memory that I could remember 
was a very beautiful young girl who had once 
placed a kiss on the very same cheek what 
seems like an eternity ago, the same one who 
had inspired me to write these very words, 
"She was all of the beauty he wrote about in 
every single poem he had written", she was 
ingrained in the very ink that spilled from his 
pen, she had in fact somehow become part
of him and would forever live within his 
heart, she had even danced with his soul more 
then once out in the down pouring rain at 
midnight in the park, she was his muse the 
most beautiful, intelligent, and creative of 
them all, she was his inspiration for living in 
a life filled with darkness, someone special 
who had a sparkle for life but more important 
above anything else she was his friend whom 
he has missed very much for when she was 
around he felt so young again, then he fell to 
his needs and he broke down and cried he
sobbed, But how could this be she was gone
forever so he thought she became missing 
in action, just like a memory that had started 
to fade, or a torn up old photograph hanging 
on a wall of a broken home, nothing more 
than a dream that never had a chance to come 
true, for "she was lost in the city of desperation 
and despair standing on the corner of sorrow
and regret.." to be honest he fell in love with 
her from the first time he saw her not because
of her outside beauty which everyone would 
see but what she had inside of her which he 
had seen when he held her close as she cried 
and wept over this and that and the pain of
a broken heart, then day she was gone, her 
would never be broken never answer to anyone
all she was like the wind a wild one, her heart 
beat for those around loyal to those she loved
and her mind was growing everyday surviving
on her own, she could dance with the devil or 
fly with angels whenever she desired she could
dress down at will or dress up to kill she was
any man's desire. I do know one thing whenever
she needs a place to be free her mind heart or 
soul she knows what to do and she knows 
where to go and Blue I do love you too.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
a Poet's Journey


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