I am not perfect

I am not perfect I never have
been as I have danced with
the Devil more times than most men, I have seen life
watching as my sons were born and even faced death 
when I killed for war I had a
dream come true once then 
lost it in the same breath 
I have even been to heaven 
or rather right outside and I
have talked, with God even some of his angels, I would have to say that it is the 
most beautiful place that I have ever seen or will ever 
be with the brightest vibrant
colors against the purple hues, the smell is so sweet
incredibly amazing I cannot ever forget because the Angel's have the same smell when they come around it is almost like a very sweet smelling flower or maybe even fruit that does not grow
anywhere around. You see I
L took my own life and I died, but God said to me that he understood and why, but it was not my time yet, I should
not have come that I was still needed down here before my life was up so while I sobbed
uncontrollably he touched my face and then placed His hand on my head and said 
to me "You are who you have
always been, listen and look
deep down within yourself you need to hear what is being said, you need keep 
your son safe, before this, I was a nonbeliever but now
I truly believe in God and all of his Angels and even the 
Demons and hell I am no
longer afraid of death, for I now know where I have been and where I will be going. 
For God only uses those
souls who can never be beat
In either life or death, I just thought that you would like 
to know who I really am and why it is I write and I now it is
time to make a stand and take back what is mine, so
open up your heart, your
mind, and soul to find all of
those places you can go that you never even knew existed before, all you need to do is
show him a little faith, give him a chance by opening up your heart, believe in yourself as he believes in you. 


Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey


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