It does not matter how you got there just get there, Amen.

I have done so many things in my life
that I am not proud of that would
probably make most of you blush,
I have drunk so many beers and drank
even more, whiskey that even a drunk
would say too much, smoked cigars
that came straight from Cuba, which
I got to say tasted pretty damn smooth,
but it was only at the strip clubs along
with weed, and cocaine too, I have tried
just for fun almost every drug that has
ever been made in a garage, or in a
prescription bottle it really does not
matter because they are all the same
just to tell you the truth and even though
I would say most were only for one
time, there was some that I like a lot
more so I tried them in every way, shape,
or form, I have been to jail more times than
the towns that I have lived, some so
much, in fact, they gave me my own key
to let myself back in, I have been to
war across this world in a foreign hot
desert sand, then told to kill so I did
at least one dozen men I have cheated
death so many times I think he
finally has given up, so I sent him a get
well card and flowers to the Devil
and told him that I was very sorry
man that really is tough luck, been
married to so many women of every
color shape and size, that even though I
cannot think of all their names right
now I surely do clearly remember all
the rides, you see I am not perfect
that is easy to see, but then again
no one is no MATTER what they do or
say, besides life down here is not
easy either, hell it is tough as it can be
and it seems to be getting harder than
the next day after day, so giving up is
not an option it is a battle night or day
just to find the money for your food and
water or even shelter for your head to
lay, the Bible says that you should not
steal because that would be a sin, but
when I saw all those preachers on the
television driving Ferraris, living in
great big mansions and our government
taxing everything that they can, so I
decided to do what they all do
because it is not stealing when it was
for a charity so now I have my own, the
one I call charity of the not so rich care to donate
my new friends? It also says that thou shall
not covet your neighbor's wife so we
decided to throw all the covers off the
bed went outside and did it again at
least two or three more times, I have
loved in my life harder than anyone ever
could, yet had my heart broken more
times than anybody really should, the
only regrets I have in my past are only
for those decisions that I never made,
for the ones that I have already chosen,
has made me who it is that I am today,
from the day we are born until the day
that we die there are no maps or even
directions to show us to the end, so
you need to sometimes take a leap of
faith, take a chance or two so go-ahead
and roll those dice on any decisions
that you need to make, kind of like
shooting craps or playing cards in
Las Vegas since life is one just one big
game, so why not double down, place a
big bet put it all on a hundred to one
long shot horse called "life" then
hope you win, although I will tell
you most people like me will lose,
crap out, come in dead last or just
plain bust, the point is at least you can
say that you really did try, had some
fun, fell in love and out of it, made a
fortune or even two and lost it had
some bruises got a few scratches,
broke some bones, and have few scars
too, so when this life is over and it takes
us all back to where it all began and
where you and I started, the fat lady
has done sang, your gas tank is on
empty, Elvis has left the building, the
curtain has fallen, the white is flying
and God says come on, it is time for
you to come back home, it really does
not matter not one single way how
you got there, does it? No, so just get
there damn it.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey


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