This is my tribute to the great Robin Williams and the millions that suffer from depression and loneliness. I know because I do too. You are not alone please remember that.

If you feel like harming yourself please reach out you are loved and wanted or call 1-800-273-talk to the National
Suicide Hotline


These demons I fight I know
are for real from the scars on
my heart to the pain that won’t
heal I lay in my bed and try to
sleep but at night I lay awake
for the bad ones have taken all
of my dreams to forsake my
fate has been sealed and with
God's help I tried but my world
is now over as it fell fast to their
side I fought hard with the courage
of his only son but at the end of
the battle, I was still just only one
my entire life has been nothing
but one day in hell so because of it
meaning nothing to me the faster I
fell I fought back for my freedom
and for the last of my sons the
addiction I beat easy and for
Ryder well it’s still on all those
friends I have taken with me into
my heart you have taught me that
humanity deserves a new start so
please do not worry for me for I
will never really be gone all of the
poems that I have written for you
well they carry on I hope when you
read them and that tear starts to
call you know what? It's okay to
remember me so please let them
all fall for people like me that are
hurting from inside we were born
into darkness without the light
inside so we hide our deep down
sadness from those that we love as
we could never be treated by any
doctors glove all the smiles that
we share and laughs that we
hand out well that is only just a
mask for our loneliness while we
look for a way out, we still love
our left children and blame is theirs
not but we tried all the choices and
believe me, we fought. so if the
darkness does not find you, please
don't be quick to cast out be thankful
my friend that it missed you no doubt
my friend Robin Williams fought with
demons and he fought a good fight
but he lost his long battle to dark
for him, there was no light so I will say
thank you to Robin for all the great
laughs you have been a light in our
battle as we walk down the same path
I personally still mourn you as my
demons may win but as the gates of
heaven open I will scream as loud
as I can "Nano Nano" as I walk on in

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey


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