The silence of our love

The silence of our love

Even though I have not seen nor heard 
from you in many a moment of time the
leftover shadows of your forgotten 
memories still remain behind, roaming 
up and down the empty rooms and 
hallways late at night looking for little 
pieces of tiny fragments of a love that 
used to be, now long gone as it has faded 
all away, haunting me in a way that now I 
cannot move on, so why is it that when I 
close my eyes at night to sleep I can still 
see you all around me and I feel your touch 
on my naked skin for the warmth does 
excite me, just to wake up all alone in this 
empty home wanting you back even more 
as I can feel your heart beating like the 
seconds on a clock going tick tock tick 
tock tick and it will never stop and I can 
hear your soul breathing with it's every 
single breath calling out my name causing 
my heart to start to pound so hard it feels 
as if it will bust right out of my chest as 
every breath I take is getting deeper than 
the last as my skin begins to glisten from 
the sweat upon my back caused by the 
heat from all the passion that's still left 
inside of me making love to a ghost from 
an alternate reality, when I am finished 
and I open up my eyes to the truthful 
realization of my ultimate surprise causing 
chaos and then confusion as my mind 
now sees the deception from my heart 
that tries so hard to hide from the pain 
it feels from being heart broken and the 
beginning of the end of my downfall of 
an emotional demise that started when 
you walked on out the door killing my 
poor soul leaving me to leave alone 
here in this broken home torn in two 
like the photographs on the floor lost in 
the emptiness of the silence of our 
missing love. 

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr. 
A Poet's Journey 
A Texas Poet Laureate Nominee 2016-2020


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