What would happen

What would happen? What would happen if there were no more shooting stars? Could we still wish for our true love to find us no matter where it is that we are? If all of the coins that we wish on had vanished to throw down all the wishing wells? Would we not be able to find our soulmates or listen to all the wedding bells? What if all of the candles burned down and there were none to blow out? Will we still get our wishes to be together someday soon without a bit of doubt? Do you think that there could still be a happily ever after with a once upon a time without the fairy tale? Could happy endings really still come true if you never had loved me or if I never loved you? Would the world still spin in a circle around the sun followed by the moon if the sun never rose above our heads causing blue clear skies to appear when we laid out that blanket on the cool spring grass and made love? Could the birds still sing in the trees by our window in the morning when we wake up in each other's arms if all of the falling leaves disappear? I wonder if love is tied to the night and all lights flickering above our heads is heaven really up that way and will the lights still guide our way when our souls rise up to make their way home? Are the stars that shine down a sign that hope is still around to give us all of the strength in times like these to continue moving on, or are we really all alone and those lights are nothing more than dreams that never did come true? Is there anybody out there in all the darkness that we see or are we all alone to wallow in our own misery? Is our savior really coming to save us all one day or is that just a fairy tale to make us feel okay so we sleep in our beds at night hoping for another day? Are we just a parasite destroying all that we can see and when it is gone will we disappear again? Poets Richard M Knittle Jr. A Poet's Journey


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