We were all born

We were all born

We were all born on this planet down here 
together but nobody really even cares from 
all of the garbage that we create and throw 
on the ground to all the pollution that we pump 
up in the air we are all divided by race, wealth 
and the color of our skins and for what I mean really 
all sides are wrong we all share equally in that sin
Just look around and you will see all of the 
violence and hate, from a man in his ninties being 
robbed of two dollars to teenage young 
women being drugged to little girls going out 
and getting raped
Innocence has been lost forever i am afraid with our 
children dying more now on the streets 
the reasons are simple and if you just open 
your eyes you will see that 
the family that used to bind us together that 
taught us all love and respect they are 
now gone for forever because of addiction
and other deamons so now the world that we live
and created is now dying faster everyday and it 
does not give a shit.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey


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