Me and You

Me and You

Maybe, one day on some hot midsummer's night,
on a blanket under the stars and a full moon, I will
create a new masterpiece or a beautiful piece of
poetry and I shall write it all over you. I will start in
the center of your beautiful body, as I will profess
my love to you with nothing more on, than my
poetic verse between us. I will be writing, roses are
red and violets are blue, between your beautiful
bare breast, watching them as they rise and fall,
with every single breath. Next, I will write that I
love you, as I slowly come up from behind you, so
with every stroke of my pen, you will remember
that day and into the night from the beginning until
the very end. I will then start with a brand new
verse and it will read, that you will always have
my heart, on the back of your soft supple neck. I
will move in a little closer so that you will never
forget those words that I will have written onto
you. Then as you start softly moaning and I can
hear your sighs, I will feel as you start to hesitate
but by that time it will be too late for all of those
words that I now write, will have found that path
leading down below, through the middle of your
naked back and I will continue. As my words will
now start to transform into a story of how our two
souls have come together just you and me so you
will see how much I do love you. I will then
write more about your beauty and what your love
has done to me, a beautiful masterpiece that I will
soon write, as all of those words of my love for
you spill then start to run together turning into
a priceless piece of art just as if I am Michelangelo
painting in the Sistine Chapel, or Vincent van Gogh
on our Starry Night. Yes when we are together on
that hot midsummer's night, on a blanket under a
sky full of stars and a full moon, I will create a new
poem, and I will call it the story of me and you.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey


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