All I got was you

All i got was you... 

You want me to write you a love
 poem when you never read any 
 in the past, well here it is "One
 time long ago I thought that I
 fell in love with you, the end",  just
 like this piece of poetry it did not
 last long, unfortunately we did,
why? because I believed in that
poem and tried everything I could
but I never would feel the way you
are supposed too in a love poem, I
 gave all that I had and then some
I loved until it the pain was so
unbearable that all I had was 
numb I cried so many tears that
none will fall again, my heart
broke so many times it will never
 beat again, i have fallen so deep
into to darkness that light now
hurts my eyes and i will feel
nothing for anyone until I die, love
to me is nothing more then a
fairy tale full of lies a nightmare
 filled with demons that fill my
days and nights, you have shown
me that what love is a poison for
your soul well you can it have back
you can have it all, for roses are 
red like the blood I bleed from all 
of wounds that cut me deep violets
are blue that is all I feel because
of you what else can I say? Poets
have muses all i got was you... 

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr. 
A Poet's Journey 


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