Fighting Demons

Fighting Demons

Fighting demons every day is a never-ending battle
I would certainly say, the darkness comes in like the 
night no matter what you try you cannot stop it so
you just need to fight, depression, PTSD, addiction, 
mental illness, they all are an enemy that comes from
inside as your emotions are fighting each other in a world
war me. no matter what your battle is it will be long and
bloody but you can fight it, I do know this, it is a war
that you must fight all alone deep down in your mind
heart and soul, No one knows how hard the battles will
rage, you cannot escape it as two fighters locked inside 
a cage, day and night the war goes on the more you fight
the more It will come on, Throwing fist into empty air
fighting an enemy that just is not there, fighting demons
is on one front, while friends and family are on separate
one, they say take a pill or it is not really real, why don't you 
chill or just smile even still are words that we hear
that push us into the darkness further still, while the demons
keep attacking until just you the darkness and the demons 
are left inside there is no way out no place to hide 
round after round after round after round where it stops 
no one can decide until the darkness finally wins the
demons too hey It is not over you will win too the circle 
goes on forever it seems every day you wake up and 
even every night in your nightmares and dreams I can
say that the fight is forever when it comes to those that
live in the dark both The demons and the foes 
The only hope that we do have insight is to look to the sky
pray to the light He will send strength and hope show
you the Light so at least you can cope just know when 
you are at your end and you think that all is gone
We fight this war together you, me and others so you 
are never really alone so write down your fears about
the darkness and all so that we may spread the word
so that one day the darkness in which we live and the 
demons that we fight will come to end with the help of 
us all there is light insight.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey


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