The little angel Astrafina

The little angel Astrafina

I was sitting alone on the couch downstairs
one evening after Ryder went to bed, feeling
very restless somewhere in my soul and in
my head, when I notice a moth flying around
I blinked for a split second then the saw the
a moth was flying slower, I do not mean as in
just hanging around I mean its wings were
starting to slow down like time itself was
causing everything around me to suddenly go
into slow motion until there was scarcely any
movement at all, even though I was the same,
it did not scare me by any means for I have felt
this many times in the last five years so I knew
I was expecting a visit from someone or someone's
high above, I smiled because I had not seen my
friends in quite a while so I waited and waited
until I felt something staring at me, so I said
out loud "I know that you are here for I can feel
the clean cool breeze on my skin coming from
your beautiful wings and I can smell that sweet
aroma coming from back home up in heaven as
there are now teardrops forming in my eyes neither
you or I can deny which means that God in all his
wonderful glory has sent you here to help protect
me, I fear that I already know why, and of course
I can hear you deep within my mind, what I mean
is I could hear you coming when you left the
gates of heaven louder than any time before, are
you surprised? I can also see you just past the
corner of my eye, so there is no sense in trying to
hide, I see angels all the time and I have from the
day I took my life and was sent back down here,
you are very beautiful but kind of young for a
guardian angel aren't you, where is my normal
ones? Oh, I see helping others who need them
more than me, so what is your name and why are
you here? Well, Astrafina it is nice to meet you,
I am sure that you already know my name, guess
you and I are kinds of the same since we both
fight all the demons in His name, amen. Oh mine
are very restless I can feel them getting stronger
everyday causing me to start to question so many
things like an addiction which keeps calling out my
name and it is getting stronger both night and day
saying come on just one more time, it also seems
to me that this world is becoming darker faster with
the break of each new day, kind of like the devil has
been working overtime, Astrfina looked at me and
smiled and giggled then said "oh I am not here to
protect you, you can do that already so very well, no
I am here as a brother as we will know each other well
One day for I will fight the wars and battles right next
to you and if need be to the very depths of hell, no not
right now or even tomorrow or the day after but
very soon, my friend, I am still in training yet I am very
strong the tales of you and Ryder have been sung
about in songs, but do not worry I will be ready when
it finally comes, besides my Father has not called you
back home, but it shall be very soon, Ryder is very
handsome and growing so very strong his heart is
good just like yours you have done such a wonderful
job, do not cry for him he will be just fine there are
many watching over him they or I should say evil will
not be able to touch him very soon, the bond between
the father and the son is stronger than anyone and
will always seek out the other in times of trouble
and one day you will see he will become a leader
of man in the final battles calling on you to help
him defeat the evil once and for all, I am sorry I can
feel the guilt and sadness coming from you for Michael
Bryan and Dakotah, believe me, they will come to under
stand why you did it and why they will finally understand
when God tells them when tears will fall upon the ground
your name will be mourned as they bury you in the
ground and your soul flys home to heaven, your words will
be read by the many as your boys get all the pennies,
they will grieve until the end of time. but fear not you will
see them during the war against evil as you appear every
night in their dreams and Ryder will be a great leader
as he will lead the last of the human bread in a push
to defeat the darkness for your bond is so strong you will
fight as one, angels and men fighting together next to
one another brother to brother lead by the father and son
then as looked over the moth once again started flying
at normal speed and the angel was gone, leaving me drained
but he made me start thinking and terror-filled my heart
so I went into the bedroom and gave Ryder a huge hug
it was not about a war, it was reminding me that my days
are numbered and I looked down at what I saw was not a baby
or a toddler any more no Ryder dean had grown into a
little man, then he screamed I am tired let me sleep you
big jerk, so I smiled and the fear disappeared, for I know
that when I go, he might be upset or sad but he was
going to be okay, after all, he has all of you to watch out
over him.

Poet Richard M Knittle
A Poet's Journey


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