Please don't ever feed them

Please don't ever feed them
The hardest part of fighting your own demons
is when nobody sees you fall, you battle your
darkness day and night while giving it you're all
sometimes though you will win with no glory to
be found but when you lose there is nobody there
to help you stand back up tall for they have seen
the battles many times before, some you win some
you lose and even some you call a tie but they
all grow tired and bored with a demon that will
not die giving up hope you will win the war that
you now wage while fighting for your life, addiction
shall destroy us all if we do not get some help
for what they use against this plague always falls
just a few steps short and praying every night does
wonders for a soul but cannot help those that roll
a big fat bowl and God himself cannot help us
In this war that we now wage as whole families are
being decimated by the thousands day after day
I am afraid to say that the battle we fight against
these demons we must fight them on our own, for
they were born within our minds from our each and
individual life history that has been ripped, damaged
or torn and there is nobody who can tell us when or
where to fight them until we ourselves are ready to
be reborn and even then many will perish as their
fight will never end but for those of us who stand
here now whose demons have signed a truce
we are quite aware that you just cannot trust a
demon so we keep our troops on the battle lines
just in case we need them, for this war we wage
will never end it just goes on whats seems like
forever so I decided to call a truce and dance with
the devil a few more time besides demons will
never die so just keep them under lock and key
and please do not ever feed them at night.
Poets Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey


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