My story too

My story too

As I sit here again right next to you
and look up and down at your beautiful
body, the ink starts to flow freely filling
up my Poets pen causing a slight swelling
as it is pumped from a loving heart that
still and always will remember you as my
now awakening soul wonders to itself as
it senses the familiar scent of another that
it once held ever lovingly close in its arms
then searching now for what seems like
forever for the love and happiness that
it used to know but since lost in a world of
deep emotional scars from others who never
could let them be for their own selfish needs
as the memories start playing like a broken
movie reel repeating the same scenes constantly
from one night of desperately wanted and
very much needed passionate love, when the bed
was soaked in your orgasmic sweat back in
a desperate time when two broken souls
who was so very lonely met filled with sorrow
and regrets both needing each other and left
all alone together yearning the touch of
another while reaching out they held each other
close as they gently swayed to the sounds
of music that was made by the rhythm of their
own bodies as they started becoming one
looking deeply into each others eyes while they
danced to and fro across the clear midnight skies
with the full moon shining so very brightly
upon them both amongst all the shooting
stars falling all around them like time had frozen
only just for them as if they were the only two
lovers left in a cold cruel empty world while
even today I do believe that If every wish i ever
wished had come true then you and I would still
be holding each other together as if forever now
lived deep inside of us to use anytime that we
wanted yet only meant for me and you then all
of the once upon a times that were ever followed
by a happily ever after that begins and ends in
every dream that has been told of and fairy tales
ever read from would be the end of my life's story

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey


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