It fills our hearts

It fills our hearts

There has never been a wish ever come

 true for me, from my fifty two years I

have been living on this planet so blue

and green, wishing on stars falling from

the skies, or wishing down wells with my 

last dime, but that does not mean that

I will give up on hope, and will continue

trying to find real love before I die and

 that's the truth, I have lived this life the

best that I could yet it never went as smooth as I wished it would, filled with

heartache, guilt sorrow, and pain, crying

 so much it looked like rain, there were

 lonely days, and lonely nights sleeping

 on a bed all by myself while listening to

 all the sad songs ever sung, singing

 about a love, that died away, or missing

 someone who had walked away, even

 those about missing you wishing you

 were here and even one about a

 cowboy crying alone in the rain, I have

 loved many woman that is true, I have

 loved my pets, and my children too, I

 have loved my parents, and a bunch of

 friends, sex, drugs, drinking booze and

I will always love God until the end, it seems as though If I remember right that love has flowed from my heart to

whoever I met and wherever I go given

freely that's a fact I only wish I was loved back, but I still believe in shooting

 stars and wishing wells, once upon a

 times and fairy tales, Pina Coladas and 

getting caught in the rain, if that line

sounds familiar it's okay it gave 

Rupert Holmes world wide fame im

just hoping for me it might do the

same hell It worked in the seventies

I hope it still does today I even threw

my money down a wishing well and

 made a wish upon a star that it made you smile and maybe laugh out loud,

in a world that is filled full of hate

where hope and love is rarely found,

so please do me a favor and try to remember these three things that

I tried to explain with my spilled ink, number one you need to believe in

God for hope and strength to help

get through our darkest days and even

if you do not believe that's alright

so let me be, number two look above

when you fall to your knees pray real

hard that humanity will find its way

here real soon and lastly number three

even though it may seem that our love

for one another may be lost but do

not worry or get upset we do not need

to look all that far just close your eyes

and look deep inside as we only just

forgot where it lies for it fills our hearts

with every beat now open your eyes

so you can see remembering will 

cause a spark as memories rise from

the smoke as thoughts bring smiles

helping love to grow, spilling out 

erasing all the hate we know spreading

 out onto the streets as love fights back

for you and me, then one day It will

 make a final stand defeating treeevil across all the land, then we will find

peace on earth for all mankind as love

wins the war and is again crowned king.

In His name I hope and wish and I pray, amen. 

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr. 

A #Poets Journey


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