If I got real close

If I got real close

Do you think that if I leaned over
and I got real close to you and
then whispered softly in your ear
about how much that I have fallen
in complete head over heels in
love with you, would your heart
then skip a beat and start to
quiver causing a deep pounding
in your chest as it begins to beat
out a beautiful rhythmic melody
about our love? Would you then
turn to look at me with a smile
and say back to me how much you
are in love with me too? Then
could we go the rest of or lives
holding hands as you and I
all the way though all of eternity
then past all forever as far as we
can possibly see? Do you thin
maybe then all of the shinning
stars all the way up above in the
clear night skies would start to
fall down upon us like fireflies
while we were making wishes
to always be together as me and
you? If I also got down upon one
knee as I looked deep into your
eyes while placing a ring on your
soft shaking hand while asking you
to marry me would you say yes?
These questions I asked of you are
a dream come true for me so please
my dear take your time for I shall
wait for by the sands of time forever
on the precipice of the river that flows
of joyful tears.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
#Poets Journey


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