For Breast Cancer (A little Pun)

For Breast Cancer
(A little Pun)

Hello to all of you beautiful ladies please know
that goes out to every single woman, in every
country, and every race who lives out underneath
our big bright beautiful sun. You see I have just
a very small favor that I would like to ask of you,
well actually it is two and they may be bigger favors
then I may ever believe could you for a few brief
moments think that I might be able to see your
boobs and no it is not why you may think it is at all,
you see I am a Poet and I am a dreamer
and I am looking for a dream and I would love to
dream about your beautiful breast? You see they
carry in them every single letter that makes up
all of the words to every single love poem that
I have written or will ever write and that has spilled
from my pen or have left my lips with a low moaning
sound underneath my bated breath as they also
carry the very thoughts of the many nights of you
and I, a kind of poetic spell you just might say that
I shall read that will feed straight down to the
depths of your soul which will create a spark to
cause a smoldering fire to start deep down inside
to burn with so much heat from a yearning passion
that a new sun may just be born as the walls where
we may lay turn to ashes and cinder every day
causing chaos and confusion to run out of control.
I know that we may have never met before now
but please be reassured that you will not soon forget
me as I write down with all the ink that I will spill a
piece of poetic art filled with beautiful emotionally
filled Poetry with my poet's pen as I start to drip
down upon your soft, supple and beautiful skin for
you see a Poet has a special gift, one that should
be a sin for the words we write are magical as
they shall fill your beating heart with dreams of
a love that will begin with once upon a time then
end with the passion of happily ever after with the
very thoughts of enchanting romantic filled nights
with candle lights and dinner on a white-sanded
beach on a blanket that is covered with rose petals
as the clock strikes midnight under a full moon's
glow just you and I and all of the stars falling from the
night skies making love until the early morning sun
as it rises to make love to the moon and to kiss our
naked bodies and tired lips, so if you think that you
can help me than by all means please set those
puppies free than do not forget to wear Pink until
we are all cancer FREE.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A #Poets Journey


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