I don't want to die.

I Don't Want To Die

Dear God,

I just need you to know that even
though I am sick I do not want to die
quite yet I still want to live for I am
not done down here loving everyone
that I can, Besides I have so much
more to give I am not ready to come
back home no not just yet for the
job that you have given me is not
over yet, please give me just a little
bit more time I still want to help a few
more souls, then when I am finished
I will use my wings and I will soar
even more, I do want to thank you
lord though for all of the time that I
have already had, when I do leave
this place I truly hope that everybody
here will always remember me with
a smile on their face and nobody
cries or is sad and I hope that I have
shared enough love while I have been
down here living my crazy life doing
the very best I could and I did
everything that I can to help bring
about peace and to remove as much violence, hate, and strife and explain
why I write so people would
understand, God, I want to thank you
for this gift that you have shared with
me as a Poet, I sure do hope
that it was enough to help as many
others as I could since life down here
on this planet that we call earth is not
easy and so very tough, but so you know
that when you do finally call me to come
back home with angel wings on my
back and all of your love in my heart
there will be no stopping me as I will
return back down here to help as many
others as I can with a fresh new start.

Love always and forever

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A #Poets Journey


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