feelings of all kinds

I know we do not know each other
and I have never met you before,
but for some damn reason you
look so very familiar, what is your
name, why you ask? I do not know yet,
maybe we passed each other on
the street somewhere or maybe
It was the store, all I know is your
beauty is so much unlike all the others
it is making me want so much more,
wait, one minute, this cannot be true
I am getting heavy feelings of all kinds
coming from way deep down inside
of me, I am pretty sure at least, yes
I believe it is coming from my soul, it
is trying to say It knows you from a
life we lived before, we were lovers
oh, sorry I mean my soul and your
soul was in love like no other has
ever been before, way back before
man was alive, I am sorry I know it
sounds insane but my whole body is 
screaming saying you are the same,
please close your eyes and tell me
what you feel because of our two souls
are together right now, making
passionate love, everywhere they can, 
you see souls do not follow the same
rules of time that we do so an eternity
to them is like a minute or two for you
and I, oh, by the way, I am sorry I did
not catch your name and I promise this
is no pick up line, anyways I better go
but thank you so very much, what was
that? Why? for what you have done, I
have not felt love like that in so very long,
it's made me feel hot inside like a fire
Is raging on, My eyes can not help
staring at your beauty is like none ever
before, and your heart is so giving it
makes mine want you more, and the
thoughts going through my mind I should
be ashamed because if they are not 
sins already they should be that is for 
sure, and what I can see already of your body
Is sexy as hell, I know that I am way too
old and you are way out of my league
that is the truth, I know though we will
meet again, maybe in the next life I will
make a bet, I hope nothing but the best
for you in this life, we now live I will be
waiting for you in the next one and the
one after that and when the time is right 
we will be back in love, here is my 
number call me anytime especially when
your soul starts missing mine, just know
from now on I will always be on your 
mind because when soul mates come
together it is for life, no not like ours but 
until the ends of time.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr
A #Poets Journey


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