I promise

An intro from a queen poetess to the King of Kings -- a poem worthy of the introduction -- request for permission to perform it -- not to mention the accolades. Well done sir. You may leave now. lol Success to you Richard Knittle LITA

I promise

I woke up from a beautiful dream
last night and yet you were still here
so I closed my eyes then turned off
the light and what I saw relieved all 
of my fears, for your beautiful face
is something I can never erase, for
I see it every day, 

you are her
you are mine
you are the one

that fills my nights with fun and
brightens my days even more than
the brightest of sun's,
I love you
just so you know I need you in my
life forever holding on together in
love never letting go, you consume
me as I feed upon your beauty and
the love that you have shown me
your auburn hair is hotter than the
hottest flame that burns, your
beautiful brown eyes that can see
deep down to my soul, you are wild
and never tame as our bodies fit
together like a finely tuned machine,
oh hell
when we make love I feel it for life
you made me so very happy when
you said yes and became my loving 
wife, I promise you one thing when
you took my name and ring I will do
what I can to make you happy for the 
rest of your life, I cannot promise 
you jewels or even diamond rings,
but I do promise you forever to love
you as you make my soul sing.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr
A #Poets Journey


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