Addiction to anything.

Addiction to anything

Addiction to anything is by any
definition not fun by any means
and is not really very cool at all,
I mean who truly wants to live
and wander the dark, mean, cold,
and dirty streets in a drug induced
haze wondering when and where
your next fix will be throwing up
while throwing away all of your
morals that you were born with
that day and were supposed to
be taught while you were growing
up like all of those sinners who
lived in Sodom and Gomorrah
that the Bible says was destroyed
by God himself for living a life that
he deemed and judged immoral yet it is truly unclear in the versus of
Genesis what all the true sins
actually were, so please do not
start on me because I do not
see what being gay or lesbian
had do with one damn thing like
the haters hate on for if two
lonely souls find one another
and fall in love with each other
then everyone should be happy
and mind there own business
and let them be happy at least
for finding what so many others cannot for if you are an addict
and really are addicted then
please try to make an effort to
get the help you need because
addiction is a disease of the heart,
mind, and soul that not only will destroy you but anyone at all that
is around including your once
beautiful loving family, how do I
know because I am just like
you an addict who has been there
in your shoes and walk the same
path and even on the other side
too at one time in my past and
believe me I have seen first hand
all of the hurt, pain, destruction
that it brings brought down by the
lies you constantly tell to hide the
thefts and your body that you trade
or sell all for a needle filled with pure evil or a baggie that will drive
you mad and evil even just a drink
or a pill, surfing porn, shopping,
social media or sex never stopping always telling yourself that you will
quit smoking tomorrow which never
does come wasting away all your
precious time you had to spend
with a husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend and most importantly
with the one or two who should
be the greatest joy in the world
who you gave life to your beautiful
baby girl an or handsome little son
who give so much unconditional
love until, one day they give up and
walk away and disappear from your
life, tired of the strife you cause and
the life that you decide to lead, what comes next is you die all alone
broke, homeless, and overdosed
on some dead end street with no
shoes on your feet ending up in
the city morgue with a toe tag
that says John or Jane Doe for
days or weeks then buried in some
unmarked grave or rotting away
some ten by ten foot jail cell and
someone's little bitch on your
knees doing this and that for him
and all his friends for who knows
how long then killed by a handmade
knife or old age dying like a rat
trapped away in a cage and the
only visitor you will ever get is a
preacher you never met reading
your last rites right before you die,
forgotten by every one that had
ever loved you all because you
never would say no or get help on
your own, so please you need listen to me Addiction is not fun, just ask
anyone that knows who is just like
me an addict once and will always
be, who with the help from God
above who when I asked finally helped me help myself heal all the
hurt within all for the love and
affection of my children, friends,
and family because the real ltruth
is that addiction is not only just a
disease it is an affliction and the
very end of who you once were
and used to be.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A #Poets Journey


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