When it comes to love

When it comes to love

When it comes to love there many
different types of people in the world
I know who it is I am I do you?
the ones who want love,
those that need love,
the kind who do not know how to love,
then we have those who cannot love,
we have people afraid to love
other people looking for love
even ones that hate to love
or even love to hate and then
adding to the equation
those that mistake lust as love using
sex to feel loved
even people who have love yet never
felt love
love of another like a sister and a brother
which in Arkansas is almost legal and we
can take it even further making love to
each other sorry love to joke about it
mother and son love even referring to the above
even man-boy love who really should be locked away
while on the subject, there is a man man
love up the well you know so again love
the next is newborn love to everyone
man dog love then woman dog love which I
saw down in Tijuana definitely
not what I thought but better
then a horse woman love
which is not the love I give by a mile
not even close so I give as much love to everyone
I can every day as much as I can and you should too
whether it be loving someone giving getting or
making it does not matter
just love.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A #Poets Journey


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