What is poetry?

What is Poetry?

Poetry is a language that our
minds do not quite understand
sometimes coming from deep in
our hearts and souls, I mean
Poets are dreamers, right? As
we talk to our hearts while
listening to our souls, as we look
for those special loves in our
lives that have touched both,
you could say the poetry is a form
of rehab for a broken heart or
shattered soul as a Poet can see
all the beauty in every living thing
for their pens are filled with very
beautiful ink, every Poet who has
been or still is around the world
today usually started writing poetry
for many different reasons and if
you asked what it means to them
you will get just as many answers
and therefore more reason, the
one thing to remember is that Poetry
comes in many different forms,
shapes, and sizes, from standard,
to spoken word, and micro, short
form and epic, there's some
called prose, story, sonnet, and
even limericks that I find very
funny, ode, elegy, and ballads,
and that is just the start so I will
stop right here for if I continue I
could be here for an eternity,
poetry also has a side effect for
when you write how you feel inside
truthfully without holding back
putting ink to paper by releasing
those feelings that have been
bottled up inside of you, releasing
it will give you the power to heal
not only yourself but those who
read it too. Though I can and will
say that having the gift of poetry is
very cool indeed, but please
remember that, yes, it can indeed
bring about peace and love and even
smiles to those that had none before,
but you need to take heed to what I
say for I know first hand that words
can be used as very dangerous
weapons and used in anger and
hate can wound or hurt and even
kill. Poetry is many things to many
people as it can be a dozen roses
or darkness on the run, maybe even
just the rising and the setting of the
sun, it can heal a heart or find a
mate for soul in need of love, even
become a very sharp sword that can
pierce a heart or slice it in to pieces
in very few sentences, (no pun intended)
but Poetry to me is really only the
silent whispers of secrets between
a heart and soul as they console
each other through all of our emotions
such as love, anger, sorrow, and
regret while they are there for
one another for all of the feelings
that we feel like happiness, love,
and joy or when our soul reaches
out to another when they are ready
to fall in love and even when it is
picking up all the pieces from another
broken heart. It is the sound of
newborn baby's cry or the feeling
when you see your baby girl or baby
boy for the first time in your eyes, it
is all the tears that have fallen and
laughter ever heard, the first spring
rain, or the singing of the birds, first
snow fall, or that time with a girl
down by the river, you can sing a
poem write one read recite or listen
and just like singing the blues you
would have had to live it, and there
you have it, so, if there is anyone
wanting to be a Poet or write a poem
or two, always remember that words
are never wasted on anyone at
anytime so put you pen to paper, I
also believe that poetry should not
be judged for the only one that
should judge a persons heart and
soul is God and it tells us in the
Bible, there are some that are
better then others and others better
than some either way we are Poets
so let's just have some fun.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A #Poets Journey
Texas Poet Laureate Nominee 2016-2020


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