The taste upon your lips 
on our very first kiss 
was like that of a fine red
wine so I had to kiss you again
so I could guess which one, I
 believe it was a Merlot
I remember that like it was
yesterday because just 
before I placed my lips on yours
I was reading a book of poetry
to you by the great poet
Christopher Marlowe:

"A belt of straw and 
ivy buds, with coral 
clasps and amber 
studs: and if these 
pleasures may thee 
move, come live with
me, and be my love."

At that moment you slowly 
moved closer to where I was
sitting I remember so clearly 
because there was a candle
that was lit and the flame
sparkled in your eyes then 
as a tear drop fell to the ground
with no words or sound I started
to realize what love true love 
really was, and a smile broke 
out for it was then I knew for
sure with no doubt in my mind
that I loved you and you were the
one whom I searched what
seemed forever while even
today I look at you and say that
I love you even more after ten
years with all of our babies 
you have bore, 
so now I look forward to the 
rest of my life as your husband
and you my beautiful wife thank
you for all of the memories
and the love you have shown
also making wherever we are
a beautiful home, so baby, 
tonight I raise my glass filled 
with red Merlot wine to toast 
you all of our Love to
Merlot wine and the wineries
from where it comes, the great 
poems from Poet Christopher Marlowe, 
and to every Poet 
who opens their heart and soul
pouring out their feelings and 
every emotion which I know is 
no easy feat  a toast to you 
holding our glasses high may 
you stay blessed as you are 
now and all of your ink stay 
full within your well never to be 
lost in any words you spell as 
they last forever or as time will tell. 

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A #Poets Journey
Texas Poet Laureate Nominee 2016-2020


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