The stars shine brighter

The stars shine brighter

I believe that the stars above in
the night sky shine brighter over 
the United States of America 
more than at any other place in 
the world, no not because of 
who our president is but the 
people who live and work here,
 people that are just like you 
and I. So here is too all of 
the men and woman postman, 
who deliver all of our mail, for 
now over two hundred and thirty
 eight years from New York City 
to down the Oregon trail, to all
the fire men and women who put
 their lives on the line for us each
 and every day while rushing head
first into the burning rings of fire
 just like Johnny Cash would say, 
to the many thousands of hero's 
who died all in freedoms name 
and all of the men and woman 
who serve now or in the past 
bravely all around the world who
know that at any time they could
die not like those who only 
play war in video games, to 
those who work in fast food 
flipping burgers and salting fries
 whose job is just as important 
as any other probably more 
than they will ever realize, to all 
of the doctor's and nurse who work 
many hours to heal those who 
are sick regardless of who you 
are or where you come from with
smiles not even a bad word coming 
from their lips, to me it does 
matter who sits in the oval office 
to lead the stars shine brighter 
here in our country because of 
ordinary people who are just 
like you and me..... 

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A #Poets Journey
Texas Poet Laureate Nominee 2016-2020


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