When I think about the 

way love is supposed

to be, I always think about 

you and me  two passionate 

lovers that have come 

together causing our own 

weather patterns to appear 

wherever and whenever 

that you and I 

my dear get together making 

love like it was the first 

time and the last time every time 

all the time

you are just like a tornado 

twisting down on some 

unsuspecting town causing havoc 

with your long blonde hair 

flowing here and there as it 

is everywhere around causing 

the wind to start to howl picking 

me up off the ground spinning me 

round and round

until the rain begins to fall down from 

sweat from our brows and I swear 

when it is over the walls come 

tumbling down then

as fast and furious as it came  it 

dissipates into

a soft warm spring rain and blue 

clear skies can

be seen for miles and miles as 

we hold each tight

looking in to each other’s eyes 

never wanting

to let each other go until you feel the 

tremble so slight

you blink your eyes because it 

feels so right than a 

another small shake like an 

earthquake is just about 

to start you can feel the ground deep 

down begin shake 

and now you know that you are very 

much wide awake 

as the bed moves to and fro 

across the bedroom 

floor and then a crashing sound 

you cannot ignore causing

us to hold on to what we can 

as you start to really understand

that the only thing shaking is 

our room again and then you feel

as it hits you and chaos is a virtue 

then you hear the 

quiet in the air as the walls cave

in around yet you hear 

not even a sound except from the stars

that are shining

in thru the roof that has disappeared 

causing you to smile

from ear to ear then you calling me 

dear and we did

it again then we both hold on 

knowing our love will always

live on as the earth the sun and the moon.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.

A #Poets Journey

Texas Poet Laureate Nominee 2016-2020 


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