happily ever after forevermore.

happily ever after forevermore.

As the very last drop of ink fell from his tired
old pen and before it had a chance to spill
splashing down upon the last pages of his life,
something quite amazing happened for it
almost seemed as if only for a just a brief quick
moment hung right there in the air like a tear-
drop falling floating almost as if time itself had
stopped a deafening silence filled the air a kind
of quiet, only the dead or even dying would hear,
no birds chirping, or a cat purring, no tick tock
from the clock that was showing one o'clock pm,
not even water rushing from the river outside
his door, no water dripping on the floor coming
from a leaky ceiling in dire need of some repair,
nay even dogs barking chasing the neighbors
across the yard, no, absolutely nothing at all,
suddenly from out of the ink a huge blinding
white light like a bolt of lightning flashed followed
very closely by a tremendous crash as thunder
exploded knocking things off the wall from the
concussion then the drop of ink started spinning
emitting different colors shining a light on the walls
of the room casting photographs and movies
coming from past memories entwined and inter-
woven with all of the words, he had ever written
showing all of the people he had inspired which
was an uncountable number, and all of the many
smiles he had spread along with laughter and tears
from those he had helped heal even bringing back
feelings from joyous to sad from his children being
born to his broken hearts and the death of his wife
soulmates for an eternity of lives then as suddenly
as it all appeared the dropped ink was quite and
continued down to where he intended as he crossed
the final t spelling out the words that he had been
waiting for and at that very moment he saw the
most gorgeous scene as out of the light standing
there with her arms out was his beautiful wife ready
to bring her husband a poet back home and they
lived happily ever after forevermore.

The End.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr. A #Poets Journey
A Texas Poet Laureate Nominee 2016-2020


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