Be still my quickly beating heart

Be still my quickly beating heart

Every time I see you I need to stop and tell
myself "Hey man, you got this, all you gotta
do is just be cool" but then you look right
at me with your pretty smile and beautiful
face and all of a sudden my knees get weak
then I can barely speak so I close my eyes
real tight and remind myself that I will be
all right as I whisper underneath my breath
"Be still my quickly beating heart" as it begins
pounding really hard deep down within my
chest, while all of those loving feelings come
rushing back I bet you can guess what
happens next as I fall head over heals in
love with you, just like I always do while
some of my favorite memories start
to play like double feature in my head
showing me in my eyes past all of our
home made movies along with some old
photographs showing all the adventures
that you and I had, all of the awesome
uncut scenes even the adult eyes only
ones from all our many different moments
in time that God had given us, and he is
still not done that sometimes reads like
dime store romance story as we are only
living in all the ink spilled on the pages
of an unfinished number one selling novel
that is still be written right from the
chapters of our lives, with you being a
beautiful princess or damsel in distress
or someones dream come true like mine
and me I get to play you white Knight
in shining armor riding in on big white
horse or even just the everyday hero
whom people stand and cheer four
coming in to save the day, except In this
story iy always ends with somebody else
always getting the girl leaving him out
in the cold and feeling lonely, but you need
to at least admit you think of me a smile
just a bit and even though he might
not always win the girl he is still there
for you even after all these years just
in case you need him to find a phone
booth to change into your superman
superhero one who is not afraid to
come out to rescue you and save the day
yet once again, even though kryptonite
may bring him down to his knees, he will
crawl if he needs to the moon and back
just so he will be there in your time of
need or catch you when you fall, Maybe
one day you will open up your heart
and there I will the finally see what it
is you do to me then we can be once
again be a you and me but if not well
that will be okay and I guess I shall stay
your best friend anyway always and
forever waiting on your call.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A #Poets Journey


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