The story of yours and mine

The story of yours and mine

One day on some cold winters
night on a blanket laying with you
in front of a fireplace and drinking
a bottle of white wine, I am going
to create a brand new masterpiece
for I will write a new Poem about you
and it will be called the story of yours
and mine. It will start out with how
I gave you the first kiss just on the
back of your neck that I must say
caused chain reaction that neither
you and I will not soon ever forget
and until all of the sands run dry in
the hourglass at the ends of time, I
will never in my life regret for the
heat that came from our passion
that came next could only be
compared to the epic eruption in
79 AD of the volcano that is called
Mount Vesuvius that has and will
inspire me with a beating heart
that is pounding in my chest to get
down upon one knee as kiss your
hand looking up at you in those
beautiful as I say, "Baby, please
will you marry me? Can you see how
much love that I have for thee"
Then with tears in both our eyes
you will look down at me, with that
beautiful sexy smile of yours then
say " Oh baby yes you're the best
that anyone could ever want as
you fulfill my every wants and
needs, now let's celebrate by laying
down right here and I do not
care who may hear or see you
making love to me" and that is
where this piece of poetry now
ends, but the story has just now
Begin and is still being written
today and shall never be finished
until our lives are or done and
the next chapter is started, in
the story of yours and mine.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A #Poets Journey
Texas Poet Laureate Nominee 2016-2020


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