I can still remember

I can still remember

I can still remember back when just my
touch on your bare skin was quiet enough
to hold all of your love in my arms under
the stars watching them shooting across
the skies then falling just as we did for each
other while wishing we would stay together,
with only the glow of the full moon rising
like the fires of our passion that was burning
out of control, late at night where we laid
out on a blanket on the shores of eternity
just you and me on the oceans of forever
where you and I made love until the sun
came up shining its light down around us
as we were making our dreams come true.
Here we are today and have both gone our
separate ways as time were never completely
on our side, it is funny how life sometimes
goes for what we believe is so important
to us, all at that very moment seems to
change almost every day, now sometimes
as I lay there in my bed at night when my
wife and kids are sleeping tight the thought
of you begins to fill my head bringing
back all those memories laying there at
night by the waters and stars and moon
raining down around us holding each other
tight promising to be together forever wishing
that it would never end, then I hear my baby
cry and as I look into my little girl's eyes I 
think to myself that God is wow something 
else He knew that it is sometimes better 
some dreams never do come true and at that 
moment in time we were so young with our 
lives ahead of us as I wonder where are 
right now so whatever you are doing and 
wherever you may be thank you for your 
time in our moments together for you will
always and forever be part of as I shall be 
always part of you.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A #Poets Journey
Texas Poet Laureate Nominee 2016-2020


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