Land of the free

Land of the free?

Land of the free and home of
the brave at least that is what
they all say but it is so hard
to believe with taxes oh so
high and police officers on
every street laws that are
passed every thirty seconds
I just do not see, free? I really
just do not think so, how is it
free when they arrest you
for everything you do? Free?
Tell me when and where it is
because when I look around
I do not see it anywhere.
Free? Maybe when you
listen and do everything they
say, you do not pay taxes
they put away, do not do the
speed limit they haul you off
I fought for freedoms
name like many others still
do but today I am lucky to
have the job and a warm place
stay many others veterans
are not so lucky and they live
out in the streets imagine
that men and woman who
fought for you, me, and this
country with no place to live
and nothing to eat wounded
and suffering from PTSD
Free I do not think so and I
know would be right if CNN
ran a poll tonight and please
Do not get me started on our
damn government which we
all know is a total joke,
I know few congressmen
that I would like to choke
and brave yeah right a man
hating another because they
are afraid of the color of their
skin, where they came
from or even their man-made
religion, brave? When they
attack and beat up on a
woman all because she said
No, because if you call that
brave then God please take
me back home, Brave when
the when the politicians are
afraid to tell you the truth
afraid to lose their jobs that
are making a hell of a lot
more than most, Brave when
we are afraid to stand up
when police officers are getting
killed by criminal shooters and
vice versa because we are afraid
of all the violence and looters.
Home of the free and land of
the brave yeah it is but only when
we listen and behave.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
#Poets Journey


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