When you wish

When you wish

When you wish upon
a star what are you
really trying to do I mean
are you wishing for
someone else or is the
actually a wish for? When
you are wishing on a wishing
well you are really only just
throwing all your coins
away you would be better
off saving them to spend
on a rainy day, wishing a wish
on a shooting star is
really such mess because
all you are really wishing
on is trash falling down to
earth and will not see your
wish come true with much
success, when you wish a
wish on a birthday cake is
not going to make it so,
but if blowing out those
candles make you feel better
then, by all means, blow, wishing
wishes we all have wished to
make our dreams come true
is really only just gamble that
may or may not come true but I
guess when all is said and done
no matter what they say I will
wish on everything every day
so I can be with you.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A #Poets Journey


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