Never known

Never known

As the love we shared together
throughout our life now begins
to slowly fade away all of
the sadness will grow as my
heart starts to break for the
closeness that we once felt
now feels so far away as you
and I grow farther apart with
the passing of every night and
day with so many questions
that go unanswered and
answers with questions
never asked, I wonder often to
myself why our love could
not last. All those nights that
you and me would used to stay
up talking and making love,
are now just some left over
memories of how we used to
be, now our nights are now
filled with sounds of quite
sighs with no more words ll
to say and nothing left to hear.
The life that we shared so long
ago now seems like just an
empty dream or more like
frightening nightmares waking
up to silent screams. What
went wrong with our love I
guess that I may never know,
but please know this you will
always be The love that I
have never known.

Richard M Knittle Jr. ©
© A #Poets Journey


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