Words of heart

Words of heart

Two complete strangers
brought together bound by
words of heart longing to
see behind the curtain of
anticipation with nervous
breath inhaling deeply yet
slowly exhaling into a frenzy
of whispering moans, then
their eyes meet for the first time
locked together by dreams and
fantasies like in the poetry
that he writes, for in her
mind they are all about her
she is his inspiration, she
dreams only of the ink that
he has spilled upon her, she
closes her eyes takes a
breath and then she looks
deeply into his just as
sparks cause fires to start
to burn deep in her soul than
even further down as he
looks back into her eyes
as he asks her, dear how
would you like me to sign
this as her flushed orgasmic
breathing climaxes into a
embarrassed sly smile as
he writes to you never give
up your dreams and wishes
for they are all coming true.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A #Poets Journey


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