No return

No Return

Walking away from someone
that you love is the one of
the hardest things to do,
but staying with that person
is even harder when they do
not feel the same about you.
Because a heart that has
been broken will always take
time to heal as it will take
even longer yet for your
damaged soul to really begin
to feel while making
excuses to yourself for all
of their hurtful lies looking
past all the wrongs they do
to you so you just close your
eyes, at night you will cry
and lay in your bed all alone
while waiting for a phone call
that you know will never come
while staring all night
long at a silent phone.
So you scream out in silence
as tears begin to flow as you
pray to your God to please
let you go, you feel so stupid
and you hide the hurt and all
the pain, while deep down
inside you go silently insane
a love that is given freely
with nothing in return shows
you were nothing at all to
them, not even their concern.
It hurts like hell to walk away
but they will never
understand that a life with
no love is no life at all, so you
have to make a stand!

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A #Poets Journey


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