Broken hearts

Broken Hearts

Broken hearts will never 
heal the pain just
fades away, and every
break thereafter then
a little more will stay.
You and I are quite
the same as we give our
hearts to fast, even
after we have been
warned that this will
never last.
Getting hurt is nothing
new it happens all the
time, we set ourselves
up to fail and then make
believe that we are fine.
Relationships are never easy
we always pick the
worst, never finding
our true love, I do
believe were cursed.
Being stepped on
used and lied to you
would think my name
is matt as in door and you
may think that is
funny but I know
where you have sat.
So both of us we
should not talk because
in relationships we
are both lame, maybe
you and I should
try just go out, if
you are up for it.
I'm game!

Richard M Knittle Jr. ©
© A #Poets Journey


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