Just a little kiss

Just a little kiss

When the greatest lovers in
our history started out, they
probably started out with
just a little kiss and as we
now begin our new journey
that is one thing I do not
want to ever miss. A very
great lover and poet once
said "How much do I love,
thee? Let me count the
ways" so I decide to start
counting how much that I
love you and I now I have
been sitting here for days
with way to many that I can
count in so many different
ways, the love I feel for you
is priceless as forever for it
shall never fade away.
You see love is very special
as you are to me, when you
opened up your heart you
were now able to see, how
much that You filled my
heart with happiness and joy
to set my soul now free, how
you opened up my mind, and
what you mean to me.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A #Poets Journey


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