So much brighter

So much brighter

When I woke up this morning
I had a brand new feeling of
a happiness down deep
inside, so I sat up just as a
smile started to form as the
bright beautiful rising
sunshine caught my eyes,
I jumped up and rushed to
open my front door to the
new beauty that now lived
outside, that is when I
noticed that the sky today
seemed so very clean and
clear, the grass on the fields
and all the leaves on the
trees were now a really cool
shade of green for everything
is looking so much brighter
then the day before now that
you are in all of my dreams.
All the colors of the rainbows
now born have quite a bit
more shine, except for the
color blue that is no longer
filling up my mind, the red
that runs throughout my
body causing my heart to
beat and pound seems to
have gotten a shade or two
higher, as I now hear the
scent of you whenever
you are around, my pulse
starts to race, as my soul
begins to pace, my mind
shows me scenes of heaven
and your grace while my
eyes see a mixture of black
leather and white lace you
fill my dreams you make my
nights you bring the light
in my days, you are the
meaning in my life as
forever we are now together
as I, your loving husband and
you, my beautiful wife.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A #Poets Journey


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