True Love

True Love

They say that a true love will never really end
and that souls who are connected will continue
to stay in love until the very last days at the end.
Sometimes life does happen and couples will need
to end, two people no longer together but still in
love, souls still connected they will still ascend.
Our souls connected the night of our first kiss, you
took my heart as my mind thought to itself it does
not get any better than this then from that night forward
we were always together in a deep love, spending
every waking moment that we had together while
always making love. The one and only thing
that I would ever change and one that I will always
forever regret, was not knowing what addiction
really was. It is what destroyed us and everything
that we had, I will always remember and that I cannot
and will never forget, that evil that was born from
the devils own blood, it is destroying families and
homes, turning all the love we all have for each other
and replacing with hate, but baby just know that
all of the love I had for you it still lives inside, buried
deep beneath all of the anger and the pain, there it
will live until the day that I die, when my soul will be
free to finally ascend while spreading love and peace
everywhere as it falls.

Richard M Knittle Jr. ©
© A #Poets Journey


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