Alone in your darkness

Alone in your darkness

Alone in your darkness with so many
people around your demons will find
you when you do not want to be found
it is the comfort they offer while your
chaos exist a persuasive proposal one
not so hard to resist creating a crisis of
conscience as it fights for your soul
it wreaks havoc in your life while it
battles you for control confusion of your
emotions never peace in your head
causing reactions to thoughts that you
are better off dead the choices you
choose are out of desperation and despair
now drowning in guilt you find yourself
gasping for air bringing nothing but
destruction of both families and while
you are alone this is mankind’s greatest
threat that it has ever known it spreads
like no other through cities and small towns
its name is called addiction and it infects
with no cure found the young and rich old
or poor it does not care who opens
the door it only brings sorrow and
heartbreak and death evermore.
you can try and run or even try to hide
it will find you anywhere and to those who
say they got it nope it has control of
you I swear

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A #Poets Journey


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