This Life

This Life

I hope this life you find your peace
the way it needs to be, I am alone now
I always was it is not your fault it was me.
You gave me hope to rise above,
to fight for my lost son the hope and
strength to show them all that I
was not ever done.
The world took note as people watched
this gift you gave to me, and many
people got your  gift as it spread
your hope through me.
The darkness never stops looking for all
the ones that do escape; it will hunt you
down forever till you meet your final fate.
It takes from you what you love most,
and watches you live in fear;
you were my love, my strength to fight,
the only reason that I am still standing here.
I will always have you in my heart,
I loved you more than life, as it used
that pain and fear I had, to break our
chain of life.
You gave me all you had to give,
for your heart was never mine,
and when your gift of hope fell from me
I got lost and fell back in scared 
and lonely, with emotions highI just did not understand, I never wanted tofall in love with you, it really was not planned.
The bond that we shared, no one will ever
know for our lives were filled with so much strife,
you held my heart in your hands and stole
my soul like no one else ever has in my life
The path we took had led us there and
we do not know where it goes, but I will
never give my love away again as you are 
the last it will ever know.

Richard M Knittle Jr. ©
© A #Poets Journey


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