Five minutes

Five minutes

Hey can we talk
for just a minute
or maybe even two
I know your busy somewhere
In your mind
but if I could have
just five minutes
It would not be for nothing
or even a waste of your time
I was laying alone last
night in our bed
and you were right
beside me so
I wondered where
you are
in your mind and in your
I guess I must be out
of your thoughts now
so we must be pretty
far apart
I was just wondering
when did we fall apart
we have been together for ten
years through good times and
all the bad
I know we are both sitting
here and know we
are both at home
yet I feel like your never
there and I feel so damn
what happened did
I do something wrong
you even change the station
now when you hear
our song.
You see I am only human
and I cannot read you
mind I am not an empath
Who can read emotions
I am only a man who has
his faults and do not know why
so can we act like we
are adults and talk
It over or am
I late like I always am
as we are done then
tell me so I am not
alone for nothing
but please can you tell
me what did I do
I am lost and I am
confused I am not
sure what to do
I am sorry if that is not
what you want to hear
I can not stand the silence
where the laughter used
to be
and the quiet is so noisy
that it makes it hard for
me to see
I can see you sitting there
looking all around but you
do not ever see me or hear me
cry at all
It is like I am invisible
and you have already
moved on
am I dead? I do not think so
I feel my heart as it breaks
Into the pieces of a
broken heart that may never
my soul has been crying
while my mind is asking
but I have no answers I can
tell them
the love we had has faded
and the memories now jaded
so maybe I should just go
seems you already packed
and left our broken home
maybe one day you will
remember how much
that I loved
you and still do
but a love that is not equal
that is ignored or not returned
Is not living a life of love
my five minutes are up
and I see that you are gone
so thank you for being
here even though
Your heart and mind
are gone
maybe tonight
I will see you in our bed
that was made for me and
you if I do at least say
you can say
hi but if not how about
saying goodbye
then I will know what
I need to do.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A #Poets Journey


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