Is love dead

Is Love Dead

Broken hearts and shattered
souls are way too
common today,
everyone has
a story of a love
that has gone bad
in every type of way.
What is going on?
What is the problem?
Has love lost its hold?
Have we all gone
So far as to kill it off?
Are we really becoming cold?
I for one think love is dead
and it shall never find me,
as I look around and I start
to frown because
hate and violence
is all I see.
Now a days you give
your heart you
hope that they
are the one,
just to found out
soon enough
they played you
and now the love is done.
I for one miss those
days when love was
in the air, but I am very
sad to say that love
has died from a
world that just does
not care.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A #Poets Journey


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