Under the moon

Under the moon
Maybe someday on a hot and steamy midsummers 
night on a blanket under the moon and about a billion 
stars lighting our way around while casting it down upon
our two very nude bodies amongst all of the Poetry in 
God's creations I will create a new type of classic 
poem that shall become a treasured piece of art 
and it will be written all over you, it shall start with a "once 
upon a time but I know this is will not be a child's nursery 
rhyme, for when we kissed it caused a chain reaction 
causing my premature inkjacalation to occur spilling 
my ink everywhere splashing across your beautiful 
perfect breast writing words I will never forget so I looked 
down at you and softly whispered in your ear what I had 
just read "flowers are pretty and so are the stars up in the 
sky your body is so sexy it makes men cry, and forever I 
shall worship you for I will defend your honor I will die 
until the sun no longer makes love to the moon every 
morning like us and night", then as you moaned oh baby 
yes and your tits rose and fell with your every breath just 
as your nipples become so hard and erected like they 
were standing at attention or giving me a standing ovation 
for what I am writing on your skin, next I started a verse 
that read roses are red violets are blue you make me 
lose my breath when I am making love to you, down the 
center of your belly that sinks down into a little valley 
collecting our sweat glistening in the pale moonlight 
moving up and down as your hips are grind down where 
my ink starts to flow leading my head and body to follow 
down below where your two sexy long legs come together 
where your homemade wine is made as I use my tongue 
to read what I had written and to partake in a drunken party 
thrown by yours truly as you danced across my face 
licking up your precious nectar hearing all of the building 
pressure every time you moaned or let out a sigh until 
like a cork on a hundred year old wine popped and a 
gusher erupted like Mount Vesuvius volcano drowning 
me in your love as you grabbed on to my head shoving 
it in your hole breathing out my nose screaming oh my
God one oh Jesus than an incoherent growl that sounded 
like my name or the neighbors I really could not tell, next 
I wrote about what your love has done to me and your 
incredible beauty that starts my blood flowing causing 
my temperature to rise along with what is currently 
between your thighs which are straddling me now like your 
a cowgirl delivering the mail riding faster and faster until 
my pen explodes filling you up with my love as I scream 
out your name causing me to go a little crazy as you keep 
on milking me even after I was out of ink watching you 
collapse out of breath and spent with a smile on my chest.
You look at me and I cannot believe how incredibly 
gorgeous you are here like an angel from heaven who 
has got me begging then you look right into my eyes I 
can see a demon deep inside then I hear that growl 
again and you kiss my neck my pen starts filling up again
and I feel like this should be a sin as you get on your 
hand knees look back begging please and I continue 
to write across your back as I spank your sexy ass it to 
make sure it won't go back then when you have spent 
;all of your wishes meaning God and Jesus were back 
again then you guided my poet's pen to a place it has 
never been making me stand still slowly getting used 
to it, you sigh and breath out relaxed so I breathe in lock 
your legs and begin to drive you home as you scream 
out no but your body slams back into me which means 
yes and we come together right in middle then feel my 
ink begins to spill pull it out as we both shout out shooting 
it all across your back and ass where the final words are 
written as I dot my I and cross my T and this priceless 
piece of art is done lasting an eternity in our memories 
that started with our hearts creating a work of art like 
Vincent Van Gogh on his starry night yes one day on some 
hot steamy night I will create a masterpiece that will be 
called our life as we are the very reason that love still exists 
and forever we will come and go together in all of the ink 
that spells love. The end 

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey 


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