Broken Angel is the story of a teenage heroin addict (The Full Version)

Broken Halo, broken wings, her fall from the light was
not in her dreams, hitting hard she looked up, the little
fallen angel she did scream.
Thoughts of regret now fill her young heart, as an
emptiness fills her soul, for she now feels the pains
of being just a young human girl.
Her father's favorite she always was, daddy's
little angel, he called her, as she always smothered
him with her little butterfly kisses and tiny little
hugs, but now she is infected with addiction or
the evil of darkness unknown, cast out from the
heavens and beyond, she is now scared, confused,
and all alone. As her tears start falling it also
now begins to rain, she can hear in the distance
so faintly, the sounds of the other angels as they
start to sing, or one of their own has now fallen
far from her father’s grace, as the sadness and
the sorrow now are surrounding the heavens
and earth with her fall into a deep disgrace. She had
met another angel, who swept her right off of her
feet, promising her all the love and affection that
she ever needed, for the devil himself had now
planned his ultimate deceit.
Using his powers of persuasion he talked her into
leaving everyone all on her very own, he first took
away from her loving family and next, it was her friends
than anyone, she had ever known.
With everyone now gone around her the devil had
her all to himself, twisting her mind with addiction until
she became the devil herself.
The little angel who fell from grace was all alone in
her sorrow now, she felt an emptiness in her heart as
he sadness was showing on her face for the one
who took her and promised her all that eternal love,
now left her with the evil addiction, for he was the
devil in disguise as an angel and as she lay there
now and she finally did come to realize her fate
As thoughts of home were filling her young head,
she started remembering back to a home filled with
all the love she needed, and the last thing that her
father had said."You will always be my little angel
my sweet little thing, I can still remember when you
were so little and I bounced you on my knee and
pushed you at the park on the swing. Life is going to
be very hard, and men will always lie to you, but
just remember no matter what happens daddy will be
here and I will always love you, my little angel. with a
hug and smile on my face.
As tears filled her eyes and ran down her face, with
her young life now was a such a mess, she only wished
that she could go back in time so she could forget and
erase all of this.
For now, she could only lay there, knowing she was
going to die, for the needle that he pushed into her
arm before he left, was only filled with the dark evil
of addiction, lies, and a much certain death
As the little angel lay there her thoughts were starting
to slowly fade, she now felt like she was floating,
looking down she saw her lifeless body in a bed she
knew that she had now made.
Her daddy was holding his little angel as the tears were
falling down his face, he was hoping that they had found
her in time, as the doctors knew they were in a life and
death race. The little angel felt nothing, as her life started
slipping away. Thoughts of what had happened on the
very day they met, she wished now that she had said no
on that fateful day.
The doctors were trying hard to save her, as her daddy
began now to pace as the nurse looked down in sadness,
she knew that they were starting to lose this race, then all
of the doctors looked up as tears formed in their eyes, for
they had done everything that they could do now telling
her daddy that only a miracle would save her now or the
this little angel would die very soon.
Addiction the evil that came from hell was taking this little
angel now, she had turned sixteen just days before, lost
was her innocence forever for the devil wanted her little
angel soul.
The doctors and nurses were crying as they all left the
two now alone, her daddy fell down now on knees, praying
to God to please let her live and let him take her home.
As the little angel now lifeless her little heart had finally
given out, but her soul was refusing to give up, this little
angel was a fighter and fighting to live no doubt.
Her daddy stood over her body, as the tears were now
covering his face, with sorrow and grief beginning to set
in, he remembered his newborn baby the day she was
born, a beautiful little girl covered in pink and white lace.
As God and his angels looked down upon them, a very
deep sadness was clearly seen on their face, as out
God thought to himself "the devil will not take another so
he sent his fastest angels to save her. for our King in all
his righteous glory had now entered the life or death race.
The angels sent from heaven, rushed down to find and
save her soul, before evil had a chance to grab her and
take her to fires way down below., they looked for what
seemed like forever in the darkness they looked on, as
evil almost had her, they used their love to light the way home.
The angels had found the little angel crying for her daddy so
it was eventually told. Blessed was this little angel now,
a gift from God on her soul.
Her daddy now silent as the shock had started now set in,
he thought "how could I have stopped this? How did it all
begin? My little girl is an addict? Is this my fault?" As guilt
now started to win.
As the angels started to lead her back home, the little
angel cried, she said “I thought he was an angel but now
I know he was the devil who lied. Never again with
addiction, for now, I know about the evil and all of the lies.”
As each angel smiled and kissed her on the cheek they said
“you now have a full life ahead of you please learn from
this awfully close death for God will be watching you so
use this and help others as you now little angel have a
second chance.”
At that very moment, her lifeless little body gasp with one
big breath of air, saved by his Grace and Glory, she had
escaped very certain death. Her daddy looked up to
heaven, thanking God for hearing all of his prayers, he
said “I will have no more hate in my heart and teach only
love from now on this, I do swear."
The little angel started crying as she woke from her long
and dark sleep, Just a hug from her daddy is all that she
wanted and the love of her Father's she will always keep.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey


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