I would have given anything.

I would have given anything

As I stand here today on the precIbus
of my life I have always wondered
what it would have been like t
have had everything
that I ever wanted, I mean sure, I have
a car that I can drive around town to
get me where I want to go, a home with
a roof over my head where I can fall
asleep on my bed and live, I have food
on the table so I do not go hungry,
clothes on my back that are new and
clean not used or dirty, a flat screen
television I can watch the news on
to see all of the people who have
nothing at all , but the one thing in
life that I have never known and always
wanted and I would have traded
everything I owned is how it felt to
be loved back by anyone at all, to
feel what love felt like when love wrapped
its arms around me holding me tight,
to hear what love sounded like when
it was whispered softly in my ear in the
middle of the night to smell the scent
of love left on the sheets of the bed and
pillow from the night before,
and its
sweet taste it left on my lips from your
kiss and me kissing all over your
beautiful body, so now that
I am
hanging off the edge of insanity
I will give anything I have to know that
out of all the love I have ever given
throughout my entire life is that
there is somebody out there somewhere
that ever loved me back.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey


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